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These are the terms under which the vehicle is rented and on which any insurance cover is provided. It is important that you read and understand these terms before you sigh the rental agreement.

Driving Requirements

All drivers must produce their full driver’s licence plus two other forms of identification, showing proof of full address details dated within the last 3 month. All these must be present at time of hire. Signature of the insurance documents and hire agreement will need to be completed. Failure to comply with these circumstances will result in cancellation and no monies will be refunded.

Any driver will require to have held a full driving licence for 3 years or more and must be between the age 25 and 75.

All driving convictions, insurance refusal, accidents or medical conditions must be declared prior to booking (In certain circumstance insurance may be refused or a surcharge may be introduced.) Failure to provide the required documents by the hirer may result in cancellation of the hire by Just Explore Motorhome Rental and under these circumstances no monies refunded.

Drivers’ names on the hire agreement are the only permitted drivers of the hired vehicle. All drivers must submit their driving licence number along with share code.

You will settle all such penalties and charges incurred during the period of rental in a timely manner and so an not to cause us any loss. You agree to indemnify us against any costs, expenses and losses incurred by us because of any such penalties or charges.


Comprehensive insurance is provided by Just Explore Motorhome rental as part of the hire agreement and included in the hire. 

The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as the commenced hire.

In the event of a traffic collision or any accidental damage to the internal or external of the hired vehicle (including fixtures and fittings and ‘off the road’ costs) will be deducted from the insurance excess. Please note the insurance does not cover your personal property.

The hired vehicle is only insured for the contract period, therefore driving the hired vehicle outside of the agreed contract period may result in a traffic offence, in this event the hirer will be fully liable for any accidental damage, injury and vehicle loss thereafter. The hirer will also risk legal action. 

The insurance cover may be cancelled if you have given any false information.

Security Deposit

The hirer must pay a security deposit of £1000.00 in the form of a credit card, Debit card or cash payment on collection of the vehicle. The excess payment (security deposit) will be refunded subject to terms and conditions set out in this document and the hire agreement.

Providing that no claims are made though the insurance company and the motorhome is returned on-time, refuelled and in a clean undamaged state. You will be liable for any damage(s) or missing items from the hire vehicle. In the event of an insurance claim the £1000.00 (security deposit) will cover the full insurance excess.

In the case of damage due to personal negligence, the full cost of rectification will be charged directly to the customer.

Just Explore Motorhome Rental reserves the right to withhold all or part of the deposit to pay for any repairs. If the repair costs are beyond the security deposit paid, Just Explore Motorhome Rental will seek to recover the excess from the hirer.

Motorhomes must be returned clean (internally), with all equipment, tools and accessories as when received.


Reservations can be made either in person, via telephone or using our online booking system;

To reserve a vehicle a deposit of £250.00 will be required to be paid at the time of making the reservation. This deposit will be deducted from the total hire charge. The deposit is non-refundable in the event of any cancellation.

Bookings made within the 30 days period must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Bookings will only be reserved once a rental agreement has been completed and the deposit (£250.00) has been paid.

Booking confirmation will be sent via email and will include our terms and condition.

It is strongly recommended that travel insurance is taken out to protect against and financial losses in the result of any cancellation of hire.

Collection & Return

On date of collection and return, please allow one hour for the handover of the vehicle. Collection of the motorhome is from 10am and will be arranged in advance subject to availability at the time of hire. Your time slot will be arranged prior to you departure.

Return of the motorhome must be before 11am unless otherwise arranged.

Your co-operation in returning the vehicle within the agreed time is essential for the motorhome to be prepared for the next hirers. Returning the motorhome later than the agreed time will incur a charge of £40.00 per hour, which is not covered by the insurance excess. The vehicle must be returned in a clean and undamaged condition. 


Additional charges may be incurred if the vehicle is returned in an unsatisfactory condition (example; emptying any onboard waste) Any costs resulting from misuse or vandalism to the vehicle (or any of its components / onboard equipment) will be chargeable to the hirer. These charges will not be covered on the insurance excess. 

Diesel, Water, Oil & Gas 

Hired vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of diesel. When it is collected. We require the vehicle to be returned with a full tank of diesel. Should a hired vehicle not be returned with a full tank of diesel a charge will be made to the hirer.

A full gas cylinder will be provided with the motorhome, if gas needs replenishing during the rental period, the hirer is responsible for the cost of buying further bottles and must return with the same amount of cylinders as provided.

The hirer is responsible to carry out daily checks on the vehicle, This will all be checked by Just Explore Motorhome Rental prior to departure.

  • Tyre Pressures 

  • Oil Level 

  • Water Level 

Any costs arising from damage to the windscreen and tyres (example; Punctures or stone chips) must be met by the hirer and is not covered on the insurance excess. 

Water in the motorhome must be kept at a minimum of ¼ tank to reduce the risk of an airlock in the water system. The motorhome must not be returned with an empty fresh-water tank. 


All waste tanks including the toilet canister must be emptied prior to return.

Car Parking

Free car parking is provided to the hirer’s own vehicle for the duration of the hire period at the owner’s risk. 


Any fines incurred by the hirer during the hire period for the infringement of traffic laws or regulations (example; speeding) shall be paid in full by the hirer. 

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the vehicle, any evidence of smoking inside the vehicle will result in additional charge and is not covered by the insurance excess. 



Dogs are allowed during the hire period at an additional charge of £40 (max of 2 dogs). Any damage inside the vehicle due to pet behaviour (example; tears in seating) will result in additional charges and will be taken from the insurance excess. Please ensure that all pets are clean and dry before allowing them into the motorhome, and that all soft furnishings are covered.


We offer an unlimited milage during the hire period. 


The hirer is responsible for any costs resulting from roof damage. We highly recommend that the hired vehicle is parked only on hard standing area. The hirer will be responsible for any assistance costs or damage resulting from parking the hired vehicle on soft ground.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring seatbelts are worn when vehicle is moving. The hirer must ensure that the vehicle is locked, and all valuables are secured when the vehicle is unattended for any reason.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring all hatches and doors are securely fastened during transit.

The insurance excludes claims for loss or damages to personal possessions. We advise to take out additional holiday / travel insurance for the duration of the hire period.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is not overloaded and carries the correct number of passengers (agreed at time of booking) 


Just Explore Motorhome Rental reserves the right to refuse hire to any person(s). 


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